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Retail Security Tips – Guide to securing your retail premises against crime

Security365 is Australia’s most diversified security provider being the standout and only company to successfully transition both the high tech electronics sector and the physical barrier segments of the security (and security door) industry. As such it can accurately claim to offer comprehensive and appropriate solutions to retail security’s unique and specific requirements.

All the recent data in the media is showing a slowing economy with the mining boom having peaked and the non mining sector operating at near recession levels. Accordingly 2013 looks like another challenging year for retailers as a weaker economy generally leads to higher unemployment rates and a corresponding rise in levels of crime. FCMG retailers are not immune and need to be ever more vigilant, not only from would be intruders but also from shoplifting and pilferage from staff.

Technology is having a substantial impact on retail security for FCMG retailers – it is being increasingly utilized to minimize pilfering, shoplifting and break and enters.

FMCG retailers including supermarkets, grocery stores and convenience stores can avail themselves of the latest Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) devices including security tags, security labels, pins etc.

CCTV cameras installed in strategic locations such as change-rooms and toilets, point of sale and with a general store overview are often effective in reducing crime – these cameras are generally installed for continuous, real time speed surveillance to deter theft by store staff or customers, as well as high quality video recording of potential intruders – CCTV cameras can often be networked and viewed in real time from remote locations such as head office.

Monitored back to base alarms and smoke alarms will provide a greater level of security. Intruder detection monitoring helps protect your business when you are closed for trade.

Technology has its rightful place however should not be used in isolation – only a physical barrier has a real chance of preventing would be intruders from entering your premises – often a combination of an electronic security device and a physical barrier will ensure the retailer receives optimum security.

Retractable trellis security doors are tailor made to the retail industry. Secure and formidable by night when locked and closed, these concertina security doors fold completely out of the way during trading hours so as to be invisible and maximize the retailers merchandising displays. These security doors can be structural with full frames or they can be mobile and trackless allowing them to be moved to different locations.

Roller Shutters, also referred to as window shutters, are also excellent deterrents to crime and a very good option for retails security.

Retailers often make some basic errors when it comes to securing their premises (see guide for securing your business). First they may not have taken any preventative security measures at all; or second, they may have dealt with unlicensed and un-reputable security companies who have recommended them unsuitable security solutions. Thirdly they may have dealt with a security company which does not have a comprehensive and integrated range of security products and accordingly again they end up with an unsuitable solution.

Retailers who are looking at security options and solutions for the first time should not be daunted by the myriad of options available on the market. If they deal with a reputable security provider which is also licensed under the Security Industry Act by the Australian Police and is also affiliated with a reputable industry body such as ASIAL, then they are looking in the right direction. Security365 is one such leading provider that meets these criteria. For more information contact 02 5850 3681.