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Saftidor Trackless Barrier

The Saftidor Mobile Expandable Barrier is a mobile trackless expanding trellis barrier popular in crowd access and control applications e.g. portable gates inshopping centres and loading docks. Also very popular as temporary barriers for temporary fencing requirements, these mobile trackless doors are now available as barriers for hire.             

The Saftidor Expandable Barrier operates as a fully portable gate on a series of steel reinforced trolleys and can be completely mobile or locked down.  The safety barriers can span an unlimited width at any angle and without the need for any mullions. Storage space is not an issue as the expandable barrier folds up to a fraction of its expanded size and can be stored in a cupboard.  These mobile expandable barriers can be made to a maximum height of 2.5 metres.

As an alternative to a completely mobile barrier, the safety barrier can pivot or rotate up to 270° so as not to restrict clear opening width.  A curved configuration is also available.

Also available is a specially developed manual handling trolley, which allows a large span trackless barrier to be operated by a single person.

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The Saftidor Mobile Expandable Barrier is completely trackless. It is suitable for barrier access for shopping malls, kiosks, restaurants, warehouse barriers, factory barriers, loading docks, crowd control, partitioning, temporary barriers and barriers for hire. It can be used as a temporary barrier in a shopping centre, or as safety barriers to solve many Occupational Health and Safety issues such as providing a protective barrier against machinery. It can be used as factory barriers to prevent access through roller doors, or warehouse barriers to prevent access to stock on shelves. If looking for barriers for hire in a temporary fencing scenario, the Saftidor Trackless Barrier is perfect.

A very unobtrusive system, the Saftidor Expandable Barrier can be removed from where it is being used, wheeled away like a portable gate and stored almost anywhere.

The Expandable Barrier has been epoxy powder coated and galvanised against corrosion. Being a trackless barrier, this system can be used even in the absence of fixing points through its floor shoot bolts or a removable lockable bollard.

A typical example includes securing an area in a shopping centre between 2 (two) glass shop fronts. The removable bollards allow lock up without attaching onto the glass shop front, by locking down onto a laser cut stainless steel plate positioned on the floor.

Barriers for Rent

Temporary fencing requirements might vary from barriers for hire as a shopfront security door for a pop-up retail store, to barriers for rent used to restrict access to certain parts of a building site, to temporary fencing for an entertainment venue. Security365 offers our mobile trackless barriers as barriers for rent on a weekly basis, custom made to suit your space requirements. For more information call us now on 02 5850 3681.

Factory Barriers

Popular as warehouse barriers for preventing access through open roller doors during trading hours, these factory barriers offer the perfect solution. They can be fixed and pivoted at the side allowing access for incoming vehicles. For more information call us now on 02 5850 3681

If you’re the kind of person that wants to know every piece of information available about a product before you buy it, then the text below is sure to push your buttons. If you’re happy that the product described above and shown in the photos will satisfy your needs, please complete our enquiry form or call us today on 02 5850 3681and order one or invite a Security365 representative to visit your business to get the specification exactly correct.

Materials – The expanding steel diamond pattern trellis is made from 12mm steel square tube. The expanding trellis consists of square steel sections which are rigidly connected by means of high tensile rivets. The linkages are all high grade steel square channels. Steel posts and trolley bases are made from 38mm square steel tube. Bottom feet are 400mm wide.

Steel posts and trolley bases are made from 38mm square steel tube.  Bottom feet are 400mm wide.

Rivets – The rivets are used in a non-pivoting function to minimise wear and tear and maximise life and strength.

Locks – The locking mechanism comprises a security slam lock with high grade double hooks and locating pins for added strength and security. That means you can lock it without using a key – just by bringing the lock components together. The doors can lock left, right or centre.

Colour Range – The barrier is readily available in 2 standard exterior quality epoxy powder coatings, black or white. For a small additional cost the product can be powder-coated to suit your preferred colour scheme. Channel sections are epoxy coated and galvanised against corrosion. The steel sections are finished in a high gloss epoxy powder coat that will resist fading and chipping for quite a while. Note: Technical specifications may change without notice. Your Security365 representative is the most knowledgeable on current specifications.

Safe Operation of Trackless Barrier

The trackless barrier is to be operated by 2 (two) men at all times.

To unlock and remove Trackless Barrier from the installed position:

  1. Unlock all slam locks for ease and safety of operation
  2. Raise all shoot bolts from floor position
  3. 1 (one) man either end of lattice system – push to compress into stack position: mind your fingers
  4. 1 (one) man either end – 1 (one) to push and 1 (one) to pull to move system into storage location


  • Do not carry – the system has wheels for push/pull motion
  • Do not tip over to attempt to push through low height area
  • Do not climb system
  • Do not step on wheelbase
  • Operate at slow speed

To move from storage area to install location

(1).1(one) man either end of a lattice system – 1 (one) to push and one (1) to pull to move system to install location.


  • Do not carry
  • Do not tip over to low height areas
  • Do not climb
  • Do not step on wheelbase
  • Operate at slow speed

Be Mindful Of Public Safety At All Times

(2) Set up each consecutive barrier in position – 1 (one) man in each direction at each end to extend Barrier into position
(3) Lock all slam locks
(4) Use all shoot bolts to locate system to floor for stability

A preventative maintenance agreement is recommended whereby Security365 (or an authorised representative) inspects and tests barrier operation, conditions of wheels, shoot bolts and integrity of fixings at least every 6 months.


Security365 recommends to its customers that

  • You disengage any locks and separate barrier segments for ease and safety of operation when moving the mobile expandable barrier from a fixed position to another location
  • All shoot bolts provided on each “ T “ base should be used for safety and stability
  • 2 (two) men at all times to operate, unless you have purchased the manual handling trolley.

Note: Your mobile expandable barriers may impact on your property’s emergency exits. Please consult with necessary authorities in evaluating this risk. Security365 assumes that where required, you have obtained the necessary council, government, statutory or body corporate permission

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