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44mm Roll Formed Shutters with Slimline Box


  1. You get strong break-in deterrence and peace of mind at night
  2. You can enjoy your views every day because they retract completely out of the way into a specially designed box
  3. They make your home or business up to 80% cooler in Summer because they block the Sun’s harsh rays
  4. They make your home or business up to 70% warmer in Winter because they lock the heat in
  5. They let the breeze flow through while blocking direct UV rays
  6. You can create a beautiful ambience by adjusting the distance between the blades, letting through some, but not all of, the available light
  7. They can be manually operated or fitted with a motor

Let us break those items down into more detail…

Your Security Shutters are Strong and Secure
Our rolling security shutters consist of a series of interlocking metal blades. They come standard with an internal locking mechanism that fixes them into place. Additionally, the security shutters can be secured with a key-locking mechanism.

They Help You Enjoy the View More Often

On beautiful days in Sydney, your security products should let you enjoy the sunlight and fresh breezes, not darken the view like black stainless steel security mesh can.

Your Security Shutter does just that. It retracts away completely into a slimline box and lets you enjoy your day. At night or when you’re leaving the house you can use it to lock down access to your home, so you get peace of mind.

They Help You Control the Temperature Inside Your Home

At the peak of Summer and Winter you will appreciate the insulating capabilities of the security shutter. You’ll find that the polyurethane that’s been injected into each blade can cut the heat of Summer by up to 80% and improve on Winter’s chill by up to 70%.

Your Security Shutters Block out Noise as well as Burglars and Heat

The polyurethane injected into each blade doesn’t just reinforce it, it also acts as an excellent sound barrier. Close the security shutter and enjoy peaceful nights or lazy movie afternoons uninterrupted by your neighbour’s mower!

Manual or Motorised Operation

Your shutter can be easily controlled manually or electronically from inside your premises.

If that’s enough to convince you to talk in detail with one of our security representatives, please phone us on 02 5850 3681 or submit a contact form today.


  1. They are custom-made every time
    Our rolling security shutters are custom-made every time to suit your premises perfectly. Not only that, but the slats are available in a range of 13 different colours: Sahara, White, Grey, Bronze, Teak, Cream, Mushroom, Charcoal, Red, Almond, Green, Brown and Olive.
    They can be fitted either on the face or within the reveal. In some cases, it is possible to have a shutter ‘split’ into two separately operated curtains.
  2. You can span large areas
    Your Security Shutters can span up to 3.6 metres in width as a single unit. Unlimited spans can be achieved by using support mullions.
  3. They are Rust-proof and Fade-Resistant
    Your security shutters are coated in fade and abrasive-resistant enamel. Their non-corrosive characteristics mean that maintenance is practically nil.
  4. Your Security Shutters are subjected to stringent testing to ensure Quality
    Your Security Shutters are tested in three ways: 
    1. We test the technical properties of the aluminium and we test the binding quality and resistance of the polyammidic paint that produces the “orange peel” finish that is of particular resistance to abrasion.
    2. We constantly test the roll forming cycle, to ensure the perfect shaping of the aluminium coil and the proper injection of polyurethane between the metal shell of the blade.
    3. We conduct sample testing of the finished product, to guarantee its conformity with our strict manufacturing standards.
  5. They are a Smart idea for Bushfire-prone areas
    They provide an effective barrier to flying ash in bush fire prone areas. This can mean the difference between keeping a fire outside your home or losing it.
  6. 12-month Security Shutter Warranty + 5 years on rolling blades
    Every security shutter comes with 12-month warranty against defective materials and workmanship. An additional five year warranty applies to the rolling blades.

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If you thrive on knowing every last detail of the product you’re about to purchase, please read on. If you’ve read enough, it’s time to call us on 02 5850 3681 or make contact with us. A Security365 representative will be available to visit your premises for a no-obligation measure and quote in the next couple of days.

Physical Description

The Security Roller Shutter is a system comprised of interlocking, architectural strength, 44mm tall aluminium blades (44mm for the curved profile, also available in a 40mm straight profile), injected with polyurethane and coated in fade and abrasive resistant enamel.

Materials – The security shutter consists of an aluminium rolling curtain retracting into an overhead pelmet box. The guide tracks are made of powder coated extruded aluminium. The security shutter is raised and lowered by either a manual winding mechanism or electric motor.

Lock Types – Our security shutters come standard with a bottom slide lock for security. Bottom double-sided key locks are also available.

Colour Range – The blades are available in 13 colours: Sahara, White, Grey, Bronze, Teak, Cream, Mushroom, Charcoal, Red, Almond, Green, Brown and Olive. The pelmet boxes are available in 4 colours as standard. These are: Sahara, White, Brown and Almond. Additional powder coated colours are available on request.

Blades – The raw materials used in the aluminium roll-formed blades have passed resistance tests against friction, saline fog, water immersion and dampness, according to DIN rules (DIN is the German Institute for Standardisation).

The polyurethane insulation foam filling each blade is without Freon or other Ozone Depleting Properties, meaning they’re friendlier to the environment than some other rolling shutters.

The paint on the blades is Polyamide enamel, which gives the surface an “orange peel” finish that is particularly resistant to abrasion. The side guide is 53mm deep x 23 mm wide.

Back-up / Override – The security shutters can be fitted with a 600W or 1,000W UPS Battery Back-up Facility to enable operation of the shutter in case of power failure.

Manual or Motorised Operation – In most instances these security shutters can be manually operated. In most brick veneer, weatherboard and cladding homes the most common manual control type, the winch control, is recessed into the cavity of a stud wall, covered by a face plate, which will allow the operator to insert the handle into the winch and gently rotate to control the security shutter to a position of their liking.

Double Brick homes are governed by the cavity between the two bricks which will ultimately determine whether or not a recessed winch or a specially designed exposed solid brick winch, which has its own housing, will be used. Strap winches operated by handle or hand are also available and generally used on smaller windows, for instance laundry areas, or where there is limited space on an internal wall.

Larger Security Shutters will require the assistance of space saving direct drive tubular motors (which means they slide into the axle), which makes operating your Security Shutter as simple as flicking a switch or using a remote control.

Note: Technical specifications may change without notice. Your Security365 representative has the most up-to-date information.