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Clear View Security Bars

A security product without the need for solid metal security bars! Our transparent burglar bars are manufactured from tough clear lexan sheets that provide an equivalent level of security to steel security bars whilst providing total optical clarity and so preserving your views and the inflow of sunlight and ventilation.

Lexan is a tough, robust material constructed from durable polycarbonate resin and it has unique qualities including light transmittance, high impact strength and flame retardancy. Its impact resistance renders it virtually unbreakable hence its wide usage in military and aircraft applications.

The special ultra-violet protective layer makes it resistant to aging and fading and discolouration. It is also scratch resistant. As it has no metal components corrosion or oxidation is not a problem and it is virtually maintenance free as there are no moving parts.

Typical suitable applications in the domestic market include securing windows and skylights while in the commercial sector it can be used to secure office blocks ,service station and other counter top and servery applications and shopfront windows. In the latter example the lexan preserves retail display of visual merchandise.

Installed on the internal of windows to aluminium or timber surrounds for extra protection.

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