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Case Study

Security365 recently helped secure a duty free store in the city of Sydney, which had been broken into when criminals ram-raided the glass shop-front, filled the vehicle with stolen goods and drove away.

In this case the council insisted that no forms of physical security be installed on the outside of the glass shopfront. So we installed a heavy-duty security trellis door behind the glass while at the same time supplying a back-to-base monitored alarm system for the store. Potential intruders, seeing the alarm stickers on the glass, now know that they have an extremely limited amount of time to ram-raid through the heavy duty trellis door, once the glass is broken and the alarm sounded.

Furthermore, a back entry loading area opening into a laneway was secured with an extruded roller shutter should the criminals try gain access from the rear.

Security365 are pleased to report that since installing these security measures the store has experienced no further trouble.