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44mm Extruded Shutters with Slimline Box

Our Window Shutters provide excellent security at night when your Sydney-based business is closed and by day they roll up into a slimline box so as to become totally invisible. 

Our Window Shutters are perfect for securing shop fronts, schools, hospitals, office buildings, hotels and similar operations. They prevent unauthorised access through doors and glass windows.

How does Your Window Shutter deliver Strength and Security?
Your Window Shutter is a system of interlocking, heavy duty, architectural strength, 40mm tall aluminium blades, with a double-walled 1.2mm extruded profile for extra strength. The metal used in the blades is marine grade aluminium which forms a solid security barrier.

Your Window Shutters are fitted with a bottom slide lock as standard. A key-locking mechanism is an optional extra which provides even greater strength against intrusion.

But that’s not all…Side Guides provide even more Strength for your Sydney-based business. The extruded side guides can be used to effectively lock the curtain in position. These commercial grade guides are three times the strength and thickness of conventional guides, delivering extra resistance against intrusion.

Manual or Motorised Operation
Your Window Shutter can be operated manually by means of a pull-down (spring-loaded) key lock system, or motorised for ease of use by means of a wall switch, key switch or remote control.

Custom made, every time
Your Window Shutters are custom made to fit the exact measurements of your business. They can be fitted either on the face or within the reveal. In some cases, it is possible to have a Window Shutter ‘split’ into two separately operated curtains. It can span to any size up to four metres in width as a single Window Shutter. Unlimited spans can be achieved by permanent or in most instances removable mullions.

Get a Window Shutter Quote Today
If you want to secure your Sydney-based business from after-hours intrusion, our Window Shutters may be just the ticket. Call us now on 02 5850 3681 or submit an enquiry today. A Security365 representative will visit your premises and deliver a free, fast, no-obligation quote as well as discuss any other security need you may have.

Materials – Your Window Shutters consist of a marine grade aluminium rolling curtain retracting into an overhead pelmet box. The guide tracks are made of powder coated extruded aluminium which is three times the thickness of conventional guides. Your Window Shutters are raised and lowered by either a manual mechanism or electric motor.

Locks – Your Window Shutters are fitted with a bottom slide lock for security as standard. Additional security can be obtained through fitting optional double-sided key locks to the bottom of the Window Shutters.

Colour Range – The blades and pelmet boxes are available in a wide range of powder coated colours.

Blades – The strength of your Window Shutter blades is up to three times that of standard roll-form blades due to the amount of metal that is used. The blades feature a double-walled, extruded profile and they are 44mm tall.

The finish on the blades is a high quality baked powder coat. We also supply an exclusive powder coat available on request which gives the surface an ‘orange peel’ finish, particularly resistant to abrasion in addition to achieving an almost perfect colour match to the standard roll-form blade.

Warranty – Every Window Shutter comes with 12 month warranty against defective materials and workmanship. An additional five year warranty applies to the rolling blades.

Back-up / Override – The Window Shutters can come with a UPS Battery Back-up Facility to enable operation of shutter in case of power failure right on store close time.

Note: Technical specifications may change without notice. Your Security365 representative has the most up-to-date information.