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Clearvision Shutters


The ClearVision enables clear through- vision whilst providing security and protection from the elements, dust and vermin. Our compact roll axle allows installations where head room is restricted.


Suitable for most commercial applications including: Shopping centre shopfronts, counter and bar tops, food service areas, entrances and doorways, retail stores, shopping arcades, clubs, reception areas.

The ClearVision can span any opening size up to 4.0m wide in one section. Unlimited spans can be achieved by use of centre mullions. Manual (with counterbalance helical springs) or motorised operation with tubular electric motor fitted inside axle (recommended for wide and/or high openings).


The ClearVision is unique as it rolls up into a slimline pelmet box enabling the roll to be hidden from sight. The pelmet box is an optional feature.

There are three types of Brackets available:

  1. Support to Wall System (Bracket Installation) – Manufactured from 90mm x 40mm mild steel slotted angle, or
  2. Pelmet Box Installation – Manufactured from aluminium with die cast side frames.
  3. Sliding Bracket (optional extra) – Unique guide rail bracket with adjustable carriage – this enables the position of the roll to shift backwards or forwards when in operation, so as to enable the curtain to maintain a straight line of motion, which minimises pressure on the curtain.

There are two types of Roller Drums available:

  1. Support to Wall System: – Manufactured from 229mm spiral ducted tube, or
  2. Pelmet Box Installation: – Manufactured from 70mm steel with 130mm inserts.

Mullions consist of a two piece extrusion for both straight openings or any angle (e.g. two doors and angles to each other). Mullions can be removable with shoot bolts to the base. Angled mullions can be used when two doors meet at an angle. 

TheCurtainisconstructedofclearpolycarbonate extruded slats with a coverage of 87mm. These interlock with aluminium extruded joining sections with a coverage of 30mm forming a continuous hinge. The ends of these aluminium sections are fitted with nylon-moulded end clips which are secured with rivets. These lock the curtain into the side tracks, prevent sideways movement and enable smooth operation of side guides. The curtain may be installed with the roll in the forward or reverse position.

Ventilation slots of 150mm x 30mm can be punched into the polycarbonate slats for airflow purposes.

Polycarbonate slats can be substituted with aluminium slats for extra strength and limited vision. These slats can have ventilation slots of 150mm x 30mm at 50mm spaces.
Side Guides are 76mm x 32mm extruded aluminium guides suitable for face-fit or when optional pelmet box is required. 54mm x 32mm guides available for use without pelmet box. Side guides have a false back for hiding fixings, and come standard with a Nylofelt Buffer.

The Lock is a two way mortice key lock mounted in the centre of the bottom rail or a mid rail that slides a shootbolt into the side tracks.

The Bottom Locking Rail is a 85mm x 17mm extruded aluminium section. It can come with an optional PVC Buffer or aluminium Up Stop Foot (64mm deep).

A Mid Rail may be added at any height for extra strength or easier access to locking.