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Most security companies are restricted to a specific and limited product range and therefore there advice tends to be biased towards their products only, often with disregard to the specific needs and budget of the customer. Security365 is able to offer security assessments based on a comprehensive product range (a one-stop shop) which enables them to deliver the most appropriate security solutions for the customer’s specific requirements and budget.

Many people require a variety of security products for any given premises e.g. a security door and an alarm system, and have to go to a range of suppliers to meet all their needs, paying full price to each supplier. With Security365, customers have the convenience of getting the entire range from one supplier, and the added benefit of discounts related to volume purchases.

Security365 are specialists in assessing our customers’ needs, tailoring a solution to meet those needs, and then supplying and installing those security products and solutions. Some products we manufacture ourselves, for others we have preferred supplier agreements with the best manufacturers in Australia – in such cases, because of our group purchasing power, we have negotiated rock bottom wholesale pricing with our manufacturers, and are often able to retail and install those products cheaper than the direct manufacturer’s themselves!

Customers have the benefit and peace of mind of dealing with technicians that are highly trained across a full spectrum of security solutions, professional, and members of national security group with an established code of conduct with which they will have to comply.