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Australian Security Standards

Security365 Hinged Shutters have recently undergone testing by a NATA Accredited Laboratory to meet Australian Standards 5039/5041: Security Screen Doors & Security Window Grilles.

Security365’s Hinged Shutters are the perfect solution for privacy and weather protection, but most importantly are an effective and attractive means of securing your property.

Constructed with reinforced aluminium blades and dual-pin deadlocks, they are an attractive replacement for obtrusive security bars and grilles.

Tests that were passed as part of this process were:

  • Dynamic Impact Test
  • Infill Pull Test
  • Jemmy Test

Differences Between Our Security Rated Plantation Shutters and Most Other Metal Plantation Shutters on the market:

  • Our hinged shutters have passed security testing by a NATA approved laboratory to meet Australia Security Screen Standards AS5039 & AS5040 [type 2, class B] – compared to the majority of aluminium plantation shutters on the market which are actually not security products at all!
  • Key Lockable, easy key and handle access available from both inside and outside.
  • Our product is fully made/sourced in Australia, including Australian Standards Certified Mortise Dead Locks and Flush bolts.
  • Our products are put through stringent quality assurance testing procedures before being released from the factory to ensure compliance with Australian Standards Testing, optimum performance and lack of required maintenance.
  • Most of the aluminium plantation shutters on the Australian Market are made in/sourced from China using inferior grade/quality materials, with cheap Chinese locking which does not meet the testing standards. They tend to jam up/break down quite a bit over time i.e. ongoing quality and maintenance issues.
  • Our product minimises the gaps between the shutters and the frames to less than 1mm which prevents intruders using a lever to get past or pull out the shutter. Many of the competitors have much larger gaps. This also lets in more light then would be desired.
  • We use patented dual-pin locking system & Stainless Steel Componentry – gives you piece of mind that your windows and doors are easily accessible from the inside for cleaning, but provide a safe exit in case of fire.
  • 88mm by 15mm re-inforced metal blades made from aircraft grade T5 Extruded Aluminium.
    Our surrounding frames are not merely hollow box section metal but a 3-cavity box section which adds a lot of strength to the surrounding frame to help stand up against a would-be intruder trying to kick the shutter in or pull the shutter out.
  • The end caps/axles at the end of the blades are an integral ingredient in the strength of the shutter required to meet Australian Standards Testing. Most other aluminium plantation shutters use spring-loaded end caps/axles which can pop out of the blades quite easily when someone applies appropriate force to them. Our end caps/axles are high tensile steel (same as used in concrete nails) and are virtually indestructible.
  • 100mm stainless steel hinges
  • No unsightly screws
  • No metal to metal impact in the moving parts
  • Our control bars hare high quality as opposed to many plantation shutter control bars which are thin, flexible and have sharp edges. These tend to come loose and break and result in the inability to operate the blades.
  • Comes with a five year warranty
  • Brought to you by Security365 which holds a Master Security Licence and is a proud member of the Australian Security Industry Association.
  • Installed by professionals with individual security licences.