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Alarm Monitoring

Security365’s Alarm Monitoring Service Is World Class

How can we say that? Because we’ve selected a business partner that is the world leader in Alarm Monitoring – ADT Security. We are authorised ADT Security dealers and frankly, we wouldn’t place enough trust in another company to monitor your alarms on our behalf.

They are the benchmark in alarm monitoring worldwide. Their systems are efficient and effective. When you choose Security365 as your Security Partner, you get access to the best alarm monitoring service you can expect.

So if ADT Security is so good, why not go straight to them? Why get your alarm monitoring through Security365? There are two good reasons.

Because it won’t be any cheaper. We transact with them on a wholesale basis and the retail price you get won’t be any different than the retail price that we charge. Because we deal with every kind of physical security issue. When you select us, we’re not interested in selling you one security solution over another – we’re interested in specifying the correct security solution for your particular circumstances. That might see Security Alarm Installation and Monitoring as part of the mix, but it also might combine some extra physical security measures that you might not have thought of, or might not be aware of.

To see how easy it is to secure your family, business or possessions, contact us today.

What kind of events are covered by our Alarm Monitoring?

Our back-to-base monitored security systems and smoke alarms will provide a response to all alarm situations. Whether it’s a movement sensor, smoke alarm or panic button which has been activated, the Alarm Monitoring team will always be there to respond.

Intruder Detection Alarm Monitoring helps protect your home and business against intruders whether you are there or not. If an alarm is triggered and is not disarmed by entering your pass-code, the Security Response Centre will call you to determine whether the alarm is genuine and the type of assistance that is required. Calling you first helps in determining what action to take and whether the alarm requires the Emergency Services to attend.

Fire and Smoke Alarm Monitoring alerts you when your home or business is at threat of fire. The fire and smoke detection works even when your alarm system is not set. Having monitored smoke alarms as part of your security system means that the Security Response Centre will respond to help keep you, your family, possessions and property safe from fire emergencies whether or not you are there.

If you are like our typical client, you have many more questions about how alarm monitoring can be tailored to your particular situation. Get the answers you’re after by calling us on 02 5850 3681 or filling in our enquiry form right now. We will contact you ASAP with the answers!

Why should you choose an ADT Alarm Monitoring Package from Security365?

Our partner, ADT Security is always there for you. 24/7, with fast alarm response and professional security solutions tailored just for your home or business.

ADT Security pioneered alarm monitoring at the end of the 19th century. Today it is one of the world’s largest and most experienced alarm monitoring service providers. Across Australia and New Zealand, their Security Response Centres monitor in excess of 250,000 alarms, 24 hours a day, every day of the year, responding to a variety of situations from break and entry to fire alarms.

Their customer base includes residential homes, shops, banks, offices and government buildings. Through Security365 you can take advantage of ADT’s extensive experience in alarm monitoring, leading edge technology in signalling equipment, secure wireless data network and fully trained monitoring staff.
Call us on 02 5850 3681 to experience how easy it is to be secured with our alarm monitoring packages.


24/7 Security Response Centre, Intruder Detection and Smoke Alarm Monitoring

With a monitored alarm system you know that if your alarm is activated, ADT will receive a message from your system and will respond by contacting you, your emergency contacts and, if required, the emergency services.

Monitored fire protection alerts you when your home or business is at threat of fire. The fire and smoke detection works even when your alarm system is not set.

Quality Service Plan – Affordable monthly protection that can save hundreds of dollars

This package is available if you want to make a long-term commitment to your security.
It includes:

  • A 50% saving of ADT’s current call-out fee
  • Replacement of all parts of the Intruder Alarm System as needed, with the exception of consumables
  • Labour associated with the repair of the Intruder Alarm System.

Quality Maintenance Plan – Make the most of your system with a planned Maintenance schedule.

This extension to your base plan gives you peace of mind. ADT’s service engineers will regularly check that your security system meets the latest Australian Standards and is maintained and functioning.

Mobile Alarm Services

Through their network of licensed providers, ADT Security is able to offer an extensive Mobile Alarm Service.
This package sees mobile patrol officers respond to alarm activations to address short term security issues. Random patrols can be established to conduct a full external check of your buildings.

ADT Select

With ADT Select you can access your own account information anywhere, anytime. Update your emergency contact details, review alarm activations, view and pay your accounts day or night, wherever you are.

Whatever your needs, we can tailor a package to suit. Simply call us today on 02 5850 3681 or fill in our enquiry form to find out more.

You never know when an emergency might occur; so prepare your home with a Security365 Alarm System together with an ADT Security monitoring package to give yourself 24-hour protection from burglary and fire. ADT’s Security Response Centre is staffed with trained and experienced professionals delivering immediate support, all day every day.


Why Engage us to Monitor Your Alarm?

We are all used to hearing, and often ignoring, the sounds of sirens and the alarm bells from buildings and vehicles. It’s all too commonplace and results in no action. With an alarm monitoring package, you can be sure that someone will respond to any emergency.

How Does Alarm Monitoring Work?

An alarm system is attached to your telephone line, or in some cases to a wireless network, which is then used to send signals from the alarm control panel to the monitoring centre. The alarm monitoring operators can see what type of alarm is coming through and can then take action by calling key-holders, a patrol response or the police. Operators monitor when the alarm is being armed and disarmed, indicating open and close times of your business and call to confirm your details when after hours access is occurring. Failure to confirm a pass-code will result in an escalation of the event to you, a mobile patrol or the emergency services.

Highly Secure Monitoring

In premises where there may be a threat of the main telephone line being tampered with, or even cut, wireless monitoring can be the solution. Wireless intruder alarm monitoring is a highly secure method of alarm communications. It involves attaching a wireless alarm monitoring interface (WAMI) device to your alarm control panel. This communicates via the ADT Wireless radio data communications network to their monitoring centre. 

To protect your business from a varied array of threats, call us now on 02 5850 3681 or fill in our enquiry form.