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Here’s why you should Choose Australia’s Best Security Screen – ForceField

There are many different types of security screens available for your home or business in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth or Brisbane, but one stands above the rest in our opinion – ForceField by Prowler Proof.

These 10 reasons make it the best security screen on the market:

  1. It’s Australia’s only welded security screen.  This means that it doesn’t have the same potential for corrosion (Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane are all highly corrosive environments) that competing products held together by screws or rivets do.  Plus it makes the door frame into one solid piece with seamless, practically invisible corners and it gives the door heavy duty resistance against attack.
  2. No screws or rivets to ruin the security screen’s finish.  ForceField achieves its great strength against attack through a unique mechanical and chemical bond.  That means that it doesn’t rely on unsightly screws or rivets to hold the mesh in place.
  3. Beautiful Views from Inside / A Visual Deterrent to Intruders on the Outside.  During the day your security screen will be a visual deterrent to would-be intruders, because it will be easily identifiable as a black, woven steel security screen.  Meanwhile, on the inside of your property you will enjoy the view through your doors and windows as they let in most of the available light from outside and become practically invisible.  This happens because of the unique black powdercoat on each strand of your screen – it bounces light from the outside, inside.
  4. Meets and Exceeds Australian Standards.  ForceField Security Screens meet and exceed all relevant Australian Standards tests like the knife shear test, jemmy test, pull test and the dynamic impact test.  Plus they go further and pass two very special, very tough tests.  The Australian Standards Cyclone Test sees a 4kg block smashing into the screen at 100km/h and the American Standards Hurricane Test sees 5 small steel balls shot at 170km/h impacting it.  ForceField passes both tests with flying colours.
  5. Anti-Corrosive Properties.  Melbouren, Sydney and Brisbane are all highly corrosive environments.  The Marine Grade Stainless Steel in your ForceField security screens means less corrosion potential in coastal areas.  Marine 316-grade steel is less likely to corrode in a coastal location than security screens that feature other steel grades.  Further, ForceField Security Screens have survived a 1000-hour Salt Spray Test with no signs of corrosion.  But there’s even more… the mechanical and chemical bond that keeps the screen in the frame also insulates both metal types from each other.  This eliminates a major cause of corrosion, unlike security screens that use screws or rivets to hold pieces of the screen together in close contact.  Whenever two different metals interact, they set up a catalytic reaction that promotes corrosion.  With no screws or rivets to penetrate the frame and the mesh in order to keep them together, this risk is eliminated in a ForeceField security screen.
  6. Bushfire-approved and Energy Efficient.  ForceField is approved for buildings in bushfire prone areas.  A European test revealed that ForceField reduces heat and UV light by 55%.  This means the energy efficiency of your home is greater in Summer, making it easier to keep your house cool.
  7. Top Quality Accessories are standard.  ForceField doors and windows are accompanied by accessories like locks, handles, hinges, rollers, and door closers sourced from industry leading partners like Whitco.  This means that you can rely on the quality of the products as well as the individual warranties that cover these accessories.
  8. The widest range of colours.  ForceField is the only security screen where you get a choice of 50 standard colours and more than 250 optional colours.  Your security screens will match your home or business perfectly.
  9. 10-Year Full Replacement Warranty.  You will simply get a brand new product if your Prowler Proof product shows defects in workmanship or materials within 10 years from the date of manufacture. No ifs, no buts…no paperwork.
  10. Low Maintenance compared to other security screens.  Thanks to the way they are built, Prowler Proof products require little maintenance. Cleaning every six months – every three months in coastal or industrial regions – is all it takes. Security products that are held together by screws or rivets can require cleaning as often as every 2-4 weeks in coastal regions like much of Sydney because of their corrosive potential.

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Prowler Proof ForceField also offers the ultimate in security strength through its use of woven stainless steel that still allows clear views and breezes to pass through. The high quality finish of these security doors and screens ensures that it will complement your home’s interior and exterior design.

The finish of Prowler Proof doors and window screens is second to none as the seven-stage automatic powder coat line is continuously tested to ensure a superior, quality finish. The product comes in a wide range of quality powder coat finishes.

Prowler Proof’s ForceField product uses a 0.8mm thick wire of 316 marine grade stainless steel mesh that is linked using a synthetic compound into an extra heavy duty frame. The combination of superior manufacturing processes and materials has created a durable and reliable product unequalled within the current market. This has been achieved through Prowler Proof’s diligent research and development into advanced manufacturing processes such as robotic welding and production automation.

An investment in Prowler Proof ForceField will provide you with security that will not only enhance your lifestyle but also add value to your home. Every Prowler Proof product comes with a 10 year Warranty. This factory backed warranty ensures that all Prowler Proof doors and window screens are free from defects in workmanship and material under conditions of normal residential use from date of manufacture. 

Note:  Technical specifications may change without notice, always consult your Security365 representative.

Australian Standards Tested and Passed

AS 5039 – 2003Security screen doors and security window grilles
AS 5040 – 2003Installation of security screen doors and windows
AS 5041 – 2003Methods of tests – security screen doors and windows
ASTM B117Natural salt spray 1000 hours
AS 4483.2 – 1999Knife shear test
AS 4420Air permeability
ASTM.E 275-1993Restriction of ultra-violet
AS 3959 – 1999Construction of building in bush-fire prone areas

Note:  Technical specifications may change without notice.  Your Security365 representative has the most up-to-date information.

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