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Expandor Security Door

The Expandor, like the Multiguard is an expanding steel trellis door providing the ultimate in commercial and domestic security. The Expandor security door system is heavy duty and fully-framed for extra protection.

During the day your concertina doors and windows are virtually invisible, folding away behind curtains and blinds, or to the side of the opening. At night they close to provide formidable strength while still allowing maximum ventilation. The concertina doors are also very popular in securing shopfronts and commercial premises, acting as a deterrent to ram-raids, break-ins, and vandalism. During the day the doors tuck out of the way to ensure an unobstructed view of merchandise. At night they provide maximum through-vision enhancing store presentation to passers-by.

Your concertina door has a super secure slam-lock for quick protection and is easily operated under all conditions. The product is galvanised and epoxy-coated for maximum corrosion protection. On-site measurement is quick and painless, so call today If you would like an exacting, no-obligation quote on the Expandor, please call us on 02 5850 3681 or enquire here. Your Security365 rep will have answers to all your questions and be able to produce a no-obligation quote in no time at all.

Or read on for the unique features of the Expandor system.


A. Strength. The Expandor is a strong concertina security door with steel verticals fully supported by the surrounding tracking mechanism. Each vertical section comprises two vertically opposed square steel tubes in each upright. The steel cross linkages span across three vertical uprights forming a strong formidable security barrier. The Expandor concertina door has been treated, epoxy powder-coated and galvanised against corrosion to make it a long lasting security product.

A. Keyless Locking. The Expandor concertina door does not require a key to lock. It takes only seconds to close and lock making it perfect for protection in open areas such as homes, units, banks, shop fronts, hotel bars, closed warehouse areas etc. After stringent burglar resistant static load testing, the Slam-lock proved to be unquestionably stronger than other locking systems. It features 12mm pins for extra strength and has three locking points in the lock style, including a double hook for extra strength

A. Practically invisible. During the day the door folds away out of site to approximately 15% of its opening size, making it very unobtrusive. At night it closes shut to provide formidable strength and maximum ventilation. Great for summer.

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Materials – The concertina door security system comprises an expanding trellis framed pattern with rigid top suspension track and bottom guide rail. The door is constructed from vertically opposed steel sections manufactured in 12mm square tubes which are rigidly connected to one another by trellis linkages. The trellis linkages being steel flat bars, maintain proportional spacing between the vertical channels. The bottom guide rail is self cleaning or is a lipped channel. The jamb consists of a channel which is so formed as to partially enclose the lock style when the door is locked. All sliding connections comprise industrial grade injection moulded nylon 6 components.

Weight – Door weight is 12kg/m2.

Rivets – The rivets are rust proof ensuring there is no weakness unlike other concertina door systems. The rivets are used in a non-pivoting function to maximise strength and life.

Locks – The locks are special high security grade with three-point locking in one lock, a double hook for extra strength and the slam-locking feature – instant locking without turning a key.

Colour Range – The doors are readily available in 3 standard exterior quality epoxy powder coatings i.e. black, white and cream. But with just a couple of days lead time, your exact colour scheme can be matched.

Warranty – A 5 year warranty against defective materials and workmanship applies.

Fitting – The doors are custom made to exact measurements, and can be fitted in the reveal, or the face-on position.

Note: Technical specifications may change without notice, always consult your Security365 representative.

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