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Multiguard Security Door

During the day your trellis door folds away out of site to approximately 15% of its opening size, making it very unobtrusive. At night it can be closed as a security door to provide formidable strength and maximum ventilation.

As a sliding security door, the Multiguard Trellis Door is an expanding steel trellis door providing the ultimate in commercial and domestic security (as secure stackable doors). It features solid brass rivets and solid steel construction. The Multiguard security door system is a heavy duty retractable door which is fully-framed meaning you get extra protection and strength against impact. Ideal as a shopfront security doors as well as collapsible security doors or concertina doors for your home application.


During the day your sliding security doors and windows are virtually invisible, folding behind curtains and blinds, or to the side of the opening like collapsible doors. At night these concertina doors close to provide formidable strength while still permitting maximum ventilation.

The Multiguard Trellis Door is a strong steel security door – it is custom-made from galvanised steel with solid brass rivets, and fully framed for ultimate strength against intruders. These sliding security doors have been specially treated, epoxy powder-coated and galvanised against corrosion to make it a long-lasting steel security door product.

Your trellis door concertina door has a super secure slam-lock for quick protection (as soon as the retractable door is shut the lock is activated) and is easily operated under all conditions.

Perfect for Businesses too – Strength and Visual Appeal
Our expanding trellis doors are very popular as shopfront security doors in securing shopfronts and commercial premises, acting as a deterrent to ram-raids, break-ins, and vandalism. During the day these collapsible security doors tuck out of the way like stackable doors, to ensure an unobstructed view of merchandise. At night, as open style steel security grilles, they provide maximum through-vision, enhancing store presentation. Retailers commonly use our trellis doors as shopfront security doors, while using the same trellis doors as steel security grilles over adjacent windows, for uniform security and appearance.

No Key Required

The Multiguard trellis door does not require a key to lock.
It takes only seconds to close and lock making it perfect for protection as retractable doors in open areas such as homes, units, banks, shop fronts, hotel bars, closed warehouse areas etc. After stringent burglar resistant static load testing, the Slam-lock proved to be unquestionably stronger than other locking systems. It utilises 12mm pins for extra strength, and has three locking points in the lock style, including a double hook for extra strength.

Custom-made Every Time

Your trellis door is custom made with measurement and fitting being carried out by our design team.

What’s Next?

Time for a Custom Measurement? It goes without saying that if you invite us to your home or business to quote you, you’re under no obligation to proceed. But it will give you the opportunity to see real life examples of our products and talk about which mix of the security products that we supply would best suit your circumstances. You can arrange a security consultation here or call us on 02 5850 3681 

Check your sash size

To find out what combination of trellis door panels you might require, compare the size of your door to the list below

Materials – These steel security doors comprise an expanding trellis framed pattern with rigid top suspension track and bottom guide rail. The trellis door is constructed from heavy duty 20mm x 5mm solid steel flat bars and 20mm square steel tubing. The bottom guide rail can either be self-cleaning or is a lipped channel. The jamb consists of a steel channel which is so formed as to partially enclose the lock style when the steel security grille door is locked. Being steel flat bars, the trellis linkages maintain proportional spacing between the vertical channels.

Weight – Security Door weight is 13kg/m2.

Rivets – The trellis door rivets are solid brass and rust-proof ensuring there is no weakness unlike competing stackable door systems. The rivets are used in a non-pivoting function to maximise strength and life.

Locks – The locks in your trellis door are special high security grade with three-point locking in one lock, a double hook for extra strength and the slam-locking feature – slam the door for instant locking without turning a key.

Colour Range – Your trellis door is available in 3 standard exterior high-gloss epoxy powder coatings i.e. black, white or cream. Individual colour schemes can be matched to suit almost any environment.

Warranty – A 5 year warranty against defective materials and workmanship applies to your trellis door.

Fitting – Your trellis door is custom-made to exact measurements and can be fitted in the reveal, the face-on or free-standing position.

Bottom Track – Bottom track can be fixed, removable or hinged

Now you’ve read the details, let’s look at the big picture.

Arrange a visit from your Security365 Consultant and he or she will examine the property you’re looking to secure and advise on which of our trellis doors, or indeed, which combination of all the products from our range is the best mix to suit your needs and your budget. If you can’t wait for a call back, you can call us now on 02 5850 3681. We look forward to talking with you.

Note: Technical specifications may change without notice, always consult your Security365 representative.