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Weak Economy to Increase Sydney Crime

A weaker economy usually leads to increased unemployment.  This normally results in people committing crimes to obtain money.  People are also more inclined to purchase cheaper stolen goods.

This is something previously commented on by the Australian Homeland Security Research Centre who a few years back forecast a rise in crime and theft as the economic outlook was set to deteriorate.

“The conventional wisdom is that a decline in the economy leads to an increase in both property crime and violent crime,” Athol Yates, executive director of the Australian Homeland Security Research Centre, says in the report.

There is no set scientific relationship between unemployment and crime, only that an increase in the one generally leads to an increase in the other.

It is little secret that the economy in Sydney has been in a slump for the last couple of years.  Unemployment has not been as protected as in certain other states where labour in mining areas has been in big demand.

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