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Sydney is World’s 7th Safest City

Sydney in Australia was recently voted the 7th safest city in the world by The Economist Intelligence Unit 1, part of the Worldwide Cost of Living survey.  Security is the underpinning criteria assessed when determining these rankings.

According to our daily papers, however, Sydney residents do not feel the corresponding comfort that is supposed to come with this ranking.

There are continuing stories of street violence, gangs, home invasions, corruption, manipulated crime figures, public transport and transit problems and the all too regular incidents at our
clubs and pubs.

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Security365 is a member of ASIAL, an industry associations/professional body which has a responsibility to their members to facilitate representation in partnering with government, police and local councils in providing a more stable environment and safer place to live.

ASIAL is the peak national body for the Australian Security Industry. Established in 1969, ASIAL represents approximately 85 per cent of the security industry in Australia.

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Adapted from “Safety in the City” by Peter Johnson, Manager-Compliance, Australian Security Industry Association