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Security365 Offers St. Kilda, Richmond, and Toorak Homeowners a One-Stop Shop for Security Needs Including Plantation Shutters

Homeownership can be stressful. In fact, it will be stressful at one time or another. When you own a home, there are always expenses, worries, things that need to be improved so that your experience living there is a good one. When you get into a home, one of the first improvements that you should make is security. Your home is your castle, and everything and everyone inside should have protection like it really is a castle. Home security solutions are a key element in making that happen. Security systems, alarms, locks, protection for your doors and windows; these will make your home safe and keep you feeling safe.

However, just because you are making your home safer and more secure, it doesn’t mean that you must make it look like a fortress. You can have a safe home while still having an attractive, modern look for that home. One of the best, most interesting security solutions you can get for your home these days are security plantation shutters for your doors and windows. At Security365, we offer these security plantation shutters for your Toorak, Richmond, and St. Kilda homes.


Why are security plantation shutters such a smart option for your home? Most importantly, these shutters are an incredibly clever and secure option for your doors and windows. Their construction uses reinforced aircraft-grade aluminium which makes them an extremely strong choice for your home. They are lockable and hinge-able shutters and blinds, eliminating any need for security bars or curtains, as they essentially act as both.

Not only are they practical, but they are also stylish, ensuring that your home will still have the modern, attractive look and feel that you want it to have. These plantation shutters and blinds have a lovely, unobtrusive style that allows you to keep them open during the day when you want the sunshine to leak in to your home, or you want to feel the lovely breeze. Whatever kind of door or window you have, there are shutter solutions available. Security365 offers shutters that you can use as hinged or sliding security doors, fixed or sliding window shutters, and there is even a patio enclosure option.

Each of the shutter options that are available are durable and adhere to Australian Security Screen Standards, thanks to recent testing done by a NATA approved laboratory. You will be able to rest easy knowing that the security plantation shutters in your St. Kilda, Richmond, or Toorak home will be stylish and secure.

Security365 is Your One-Stop Security Solution

The company prides itself on being a one-stop shop for your home security needs, including these security plantation shutters. They are professionals for all security requirements and hire only the best, highly-trained professionals to assess your home and recommend solutions to protect it. When you work with Security365, you are working with an experienced, passionate business that adheres to the highest level of integrity and professionalism.

When you are ready to discuss your home’s security needs, call 02 5850 3681 for more information or to speak to a representative. 

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