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Choosing the Right Security Doors for Your Home or Business—and Knowing Who Sells What You Need in Ashfield, Sydenham or Concord

If it’s been a few years since you re-evaluated the security of your home or business, or if you’ve recently suffered a break-in, then it’s time to think about making a few improvements. In particular, a security door—or several, depending on how many points of access your home or business location has—can go a long way towards providing the protection you need. The question is what type of security door or grille is best for your situation? And where can you buy the necessary security doors in Ashfield, Sydenham or Concord?

Security 365: Your Source for Security Doors in Sydenham, Concord, and Ashfield

At Security 365, we sell a range of security doors, grilles, bars and screens in Ashfield, Concord, Sydneyham, and beyond. Our options range from mesh insect screens to heavy-duty metal doors. Below, we’ve done a quick run-through of the security door products we have—as well as why you might opt for each.

  • DIY Steel Grille Doors: If you want to handle the installation of your own security bars as a DIY home improvement project, our DIY steel grille doors will fit the bill perfectly. Made from galvanised steel, providing rust protection from the start and internationally tested for strength, these security doors are strong enough to secure any dwelling but simple enough for you to install them yourself.
  • Diamond Security Doors: The diamond pattern is definitely popular in security doors around Sydenham, Concord, and Ashfield. At Security 365, our diamond security doors are available in multiple patterns and finishes—so you can secure your home or business without sacrificing aesthetics.
  • Wrought Iron Security Doors: For the highest level of security, choose a wrought iron security door. These doors beat Australian standards, are crafted from tough 12mm solid steel and boast five lever anti-lock system. Best of all, at Security 365, these near-impenetrable security doors come at a very economical price—and in a range of colours, to suit your stylistic preferences.

In addition to security doors, Security 365 also carries a range of security screens and bars ideal for windows. Our insect screens keep out bugs and add one more barrier for thieves to consider, while our removable security bars are easy to install and take out again—perfect if you just want to provide your home with a bit more security when you are on vacation. Click here to find out more about our security solutions for your windows.

Call Security 365 Today for Help Fortifying Your Home or Business

No matter which security door or window you choose, Security 365 is happy to work with you to get the right size, style, colour, and customer service. We want to help you give your home or business a level of security that is up-to-date and difficult for burglars to beat, and our security doors, grilles, and screens can do just that. To learn more about getting one of our security doors installed in Concord, Sydenham or Ashfield, call us on 02 5850 3681. 

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