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Latest Trends in Retail Security

Retailers of all descriptions are,to differing degrees,embracing technology and taking a more proactive approach to loss prevention.There is an appreciation by retailers that by preventing,minimizing and reducing shrinkage,fraud and theft,they can improve their bottom line,despite the required initial investment.

Retailers seem to be moving from more traditional loss prevention strategies to newer technology based electronic security systems.However most of the forward thinking retailers are also recognizing that it is a combination of the traditional and the new technology that is an optimum goal.

Security 365 is a leading security company headquartered in Sydney.It is unique in that it successfully straddles both the traditional forms of security systems such as security doors,roller shutters,security shutters,bollards,stainless steel security mesh systems,plantation security shutters as well as the newer technologically based security systems that form the basis of this article.It is often a combination and integration of the more traditional security systems with the newer technologies that will yield the most comprehensive solution for the retailer.

Readily available technology also includes monitored alarms,cctv cameras,access control cards,electronic article surveillance devices,radio frequency identification devices,GPS software and so on.

Richard Kaplan, a director of Security365, says that retailers seem to be grasping that these systems need to be integrated with other loss prevention technology for maximum benefit.For instance by integrating an alarm to cctv that has video analytics,potentially allows loss prevention staff to detect suspicious versus benign activities and they can then activate the alarm when necessary.Another example is that by integrating cctv with analytics to a POS device allows the retailer to identify potential fraudulent transactions in real time.

The emergence of video analytics over recent years has transformed video surveillance as a loss prevention tool into a more proactive system,providing loss prevention staff with the ability to take a holistic view of their business operations.It allows the retailer to pinpoint security threats and vulnerabilities,identify fraudulent transactions in real time as well as other operational inefficiencies.

As a further benefit,this technology,by leveraging existing video footage and with video analytics allows the retailer to track trends in customer behavior and buying patterns which can assist the retailer in other areas such as marketing,store layout and product placement.

System integration is also reducing loss prevention costs for the retailer by streamlining multiple systems.

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