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Retail Security Predictions for Next 12 Months


All recent data is pointing to a slowing in the Australian economy with the mining boom having peaked and the non mining sector,particularly retail,operating at near recession lows.The higher dollar has already impacted on company profits yielding lower tax receipts for the federal government.

Accordingly 2013 looks like another challenging year for retailers as a weaker economy generally leads to higher unemployment rates and a corresponding rise in the levels of crime.Already the most recent official employment data is showing an uptick in the national unemployment figures.

Reatilers are not immune and need to be ever more vigilant ,not only from would be intruders but also from employee theft,shoplifting and organized retail crime.

If the American experience of the downturn is anything to go by,Australian retailers will largely maintain or increase their spending on security measures and loss prevention innovations despite the tough economic times on the way and despite the initial investment required.

Retailers will continue to spend on traditional security measures such as access control,physical barriers such as electronic locks,roller shutters,security doors,bollards and security shutters as well as the tried and trusted electronic security systems such as monitored alarms,smoke alarms and cctv cameras.However retailers adoption of new security technologies will also increase.In a constantly changing retail environment it will become increasingly vital for retailers to find innovative and cost effective solutions to improving their bottom line.

Security365 is one leading security company in Australia that recognizes this trend and offers comprehensive and integrated security solutions tailored to the customer’s particular needs and given their available resources.

Security365 is headquartered in Sydney and has national representation through a network of qualified distributors and resellers.It’s directors have more than 40 years experience in the security industry in Australia.

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