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Private Security and Public Interest Exploring Private Security Trends

In August 2006 Professor Rick Sarre, from the University of South Australia’s Centre for Regulation and Market Analysis and Professor Tim Prenzler from Griffith University’s Centre of Excellence in Policing and Security, received an Australian Research Council (ARC) grant to undertake research into the private security industry and its relationship with policing generally. The work was conducted over three years (2007-2009), with Karen Earle as research associate. The final report was checked and prepared in 2010 and published in April 2011.Professors Sarre and Prenzler, with the support of the Australian Security Industry Association (ASIAL) and its CEO Bryan de Caires, explored the expansion of the policing and security roles undertaken by the private sector in Australia. Their research assessed the growth and impact of the sector and evaluated current regulatory mechanisms. Additionally, their research identified and assessed partnership arrangements with the public sector, reviewed legal issues and analysed security officer occupational and public safety.Their research now provides an update on the expansion of the security industry in Australia, along with options for improving private security regulation; improving safety for private security personnel and the public; clearer legal protection for security personnel; and advice on preferred models for private / public policing relationships.

Above News Source = ASIAL website 2011