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Get Shutters That Close More Tightly, with Security 365’s Plantation Shutters in Rozelle

Shutters are supposed to shut tight. That much is implied right there in the word ‘shutter.’ Unfortunately, many cheaper shutter designs either never close tightly or become unable to do so after exposure to humidity or moisture. By not being able to shut tightly, these shutters cannot provide effective light control, noise insulation, or security.

At Security 365, one of the things we focused on when creating our range of basswood plantation shutters was to make sure they would shut securely and tightly. We wanted to create plantation shutters in Rozelle that would keep out light, noise, heat, cold, prying eyes, and intruders looking for a weak point in a home’s defences.

So what was the secret ingredient to guarantee a tighter and more secure shutter? As it turned out, the secret was magnets. By incorporating hidden magnets into the design of our basswood magnets, we were able to create a shutter design that would close tightly every single time. Of course, it didn’t hurt that we designed our shutters to be resistant to humidity, UV rays, moisture and other factors that often get in the way of shutters closing tightly.

With our magnetised plantation shutters in Rozelle, you will get a shutter that is more functional while also offering a cleaner aesthetic. No longer will you have to deal with little uneven slivers of light, shining across the floor from gaps in your shutters. With basswood plantation shutters from Security 365, your shutters will do what shutters are supposed to do: shut.

Are you interested in learning more about Security 365 and our plantation shutter range in Rozelle? Call us on 02 5850 3681 for additional information. 

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