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Get a Better Sleep at Night, with the Sound Insulating Properties of Thermo-Tec Plantation Shutters in Drummoyne

When most people think of shutters, they think of something that is mostly used to block out light and maximise privacy. The best shutters are so smartly designed and so well-built that they provide additional benefits as well.

Such is the case with Security 365’s Thermo-Tec plantation shutters, currently available for purchase in Drummoyne. These shutters provide superior light control, privacy and aesthetic beauty. However, as the name suggests, they also offer insulation—and not just thermal insulation. Our Thermo-Tec plantation shutters are also effective for providing insulation against noise.

If you live in a noisy area, it can be difficult to get a good night’s sleep—especially on the weekends. Installing Thermo-Tec plantation shutters throughout your home could be an effective solution. These shutters—made of basswood, aluminium, and a high-quality polyresin called Thermopoly—achieve effective noise reduction. They can help to muffle or silence the sounds that normally penetrate right through the glass of your windows.

When you buy Thermo-Tec plantation shutters in Drummoyne, you will also enjoy unrivalled longevity and dependability. These shutters come with a 25-year warranty on their painted finish and a five-year warranty on their open-close mechanisms. They are also hypo-allergenic (which means they won’t grow mould or other bacteria), are not attractive to termites and won’t warp due to contact with moisture.

Whether you are looking for a shutter that will block out noise or one that is resistant to the factors and elements that usually wear shutters down over time, Security 365’s Thermo-Tec plantation shutters fit the bill. To get your hands on a set of these plantation shutters in Drummoyne, give us a call today on 02 5850 3681. 

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