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Safeguard Your Home or Business without Sacrificing Aesthetics: Choose ShutterGuard Plantation Shutters in Croydon from Security 365

The right set of shutters can do much more than just block out excessive light. Indeed, for many homes and businesses, shutters double as a security feature. Unfortunately, some security shutters have a very rugged industrial aesthetic—something that isn’t ideal for the average home or business.

For this reason, Security 365 decided that the market needed a set of plantation shutters that could provide superior safety and security without sacrificing aesthetics. The resulting set of shutters—our ShutterGuard Lockable Aluminium Plantation Shutters—are now available in Croyden and other nearby areas.

On the one hand, these plantation shutters provide as much security as anything else you will find in Croyden. They boast a gear-lock mechanism to lock the shutters in place, a second bolt to secure the shutters to the floor and a third bolt to lock the shutters to the top track. When locked, these shutters can make any door or window in your home borderline impenetrable.

Because style matters, our ShutterGuard plantation shutters don’t have the rugged metallic look you would usually expect to see in a security shutter design. Instead, they are painted white and have a simplistic and elegant look. You would hardly know just how much security they can provide by looking at them, which only serves to render your home or business safer. It’s more difficult for potential thieves or burglars to case your residence or establishment when they think your shutters are merely for decoration.

Do you need a secure set of plantation shutters in Croyden that won’t make your home or business look like a warehouse? Call Security 365 today to learn more about our ShutterGuard design. You can reach us on 02 5850 3681. 

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