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Tired of Replacing Your Shutters? Find a Better Set of Plantation Shutters in Concord

It’s a sadly common occurrence: you wake up one morning to crack the shutters, only to find that they’ve warped due to moisture and no longer open and close correctly. Many of the shutters available on the market are simply not well built. They use cheap paint that cracks and warps in the sunlight, or poorly built mechanisms that stop opening and closing correctly after a year or two. Alternatively, they expand or contract in size due to humidity, rendering them unreliable at best and completely unusable at worst.

No matter the issue you’ve been having with your shutters, Security 365 can help. We sell several types of plantation shutters in Concord that are specifically meant to combat some of the common issues that render shutters in need of replacement.

For instance, our Thermo-Tec plantation shutters and our Thermo25 plantation shutters—both available in Concord—each offer moisture resistance, UV resistance, termite resistance and hypo-allergenic design. They won’t expand and contract from humidity. They won’t promote bacterial growth. They won’t crack or warp in heavy sunlight. And thanks to their superior design and workmanship, these shutters will provide reliable service for years to come. Indeed, both types of shutters are backed by user-friendly warranties—both for painted finish and workmanship.

Are you tired of replacing your shutters because they warp, crack, grow mould, or break? If so, a new set of plantation shutters in Concord is just what you need. Call Security 365 on 02 5850 3681 to place an order or learn more about our various types of plantation shutters. 

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