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Save Money on Heating and Cooling, with Thermo-Tec Plantation Shutters in Burwood

Does your home have a lot of windows? Do you tend to lose hot or cold air through your windows during the winter or summer? Are you seeing the result of this heat leaching in your monthly energy bills?

If your home’s insulation is being compromised by a prevalence of windows, Security 365 can help. With a set of our Thermo-Tec plantation shutters, your Burwood home will look better and control its own interior temperature more effectively. These shutters are made from basswood and polyresin with an aluminium core, ensuring strength, durability, support, and top-tier insulation.

Say it’s peak summer and your air conditioning is working overtime to keep the home at an agreeable temperature. Your windows, though, are providing an easy route of escape for the cool air. As a result, your air conditioning system has to work twice as hard to maintain a comfortable temperature, and you have to pay higher energy bills to keep the system running at full blast.

Installing Thermo-Tec plantation shutters in Burwood will effectively insulate your windows, preventing the loss of cold air in the summer and warm air during the colder parts of the year. This temperature control will reduce the stress being put on your air conditioner or heating system, limiting energy usage and saving you a sizeable chunk of change each month.

Are you interested in improving your home’s temperature control? Thermo-Tec plantation shutters might be the solution. Call Security 365 to find out about installing a set of these plantation shutters in Burwood. You can reach us by dialling 02 5850 3681. 

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