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Crime Rates Fall

Ross Gittins, in his Sydney Morning Herald Article of March 7, 2012 talks about the latest figures for the falling crime rate in Australia. It is true that levels of property crime have been falling for a decade. The article says that “the figures show falls in all the main categories of recorded property crime: burglary, motor vehicle theft and ”other theft” (pickpocketing, bag snatching and shoplifting) – across Australia in 2010.”   

In terms of property crime, burglaries halved, from almost 440,000 in 2000, to fewer than 220,000 a year. Stated reasons for the fall in property crime include a decline in heroin use (and therefore the property crimes that lead users to steal to fund their habits), decreased unemployment, increased rates of imprisonment for offenders and increased police effectiveness.

One thing the article does not talk about is the increase in effective security measures taken by the public to protect property against theft.  There has been a steady increase in the quantity and effectiveness of security systems available on the market to the Australian Public.

Once such supplier is Security365 which supplies and installs a wide range of security doors, security alarm systems and security solutions (a one stop-shop!) to homes and businesses across Australia. The product offering includes shutters and security grills, security doors, trellis doors, home alarm systems, business alarm systems, alarm monitoring and much more.

Quotes are free and their technicians are highly trained.  Due to the diversity of their security products range, they are not restricted to a narrow range of security door and security alarm products and are able to cater to the specific needs and budgets of their customers.

Trellis security doors are inconspicuous by day, folding out of the way, and at night they slide into place to provide a formidable security door.  These are especially popular on the front of retail stores and commercial properties, allowing passers-by to see into the store after hours.

Security doors and security grilles are another effective measure used by the public to combat property crime.

Security365 supplies the complete range and can cater to any need. Furthermore, Security365 are a leading supplier of alarm systems in Sydney, and related alarm monitoring in Sydney, two important property crime deterrents.  These are made even more effective when combined with a physical security door.  This is because once a potential intruder smashes glass and triggers a monitored alarm, they are left with little time to attempt breaking through the security door prior to alarm response getting to the scene of the crime.

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