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Folding Closures


A Folding Closure is a bi-folding aluminium and polycarbonate (or glass) door which runs on a continuous hinge system to slide sideways and close off and secure any opening.

This system is commonly found on the front of retail shops in shopping centres, and on reception areas etc.

Perforated aluminium can be substituted for the glass infills to provide extra strength and through ventilation.

Why should I choose a Folding Closure for my Business?

Our folding closure is attractive, light weight and easy to use. It is strong, framed by continuous extruded aluminium hinged panels.

Our low friction continuous hinge system means less moving parts, easy operation and low maintenance.

A 12 month warranty against defective materials and workmanship applies.

Technical Specifications

Track – Track is to be constructed from sturdy extruded aluminium 35mm wide by 38mm high, curved track can be supplied with a 600mm (to the centre of the track) standard radius. Special radiuses are available on request. The track has a unique joining pin system to ensure smooth operation of the closure.

Curtain – The curtain is constructed of low friction continuous hinged panels in sections of around 2800mm each, these are interlocked and secured on to the locking posts at each end, and sections are then joined via a unique intermediate post system which has bottom only locking to secure it. The panels are in filled with a choice of glass, polycarbonate or perforated vision mesh.

Locking – Locking is via a key system which throws a steel rod up through the top track and also one down into a dust proof floor socket that is drilled into the floor. Key Operation is from both inside and out. Multiple doors can also be keyed alike.

Egress – A simple emergency egress door can be incorporated into any closed folding closure that has a minimum height of 2250mm, operatable with interior thumb turn or single down action handle, panels to swing outwards to create a clear opening of 915mm by 2140mm please consult a Security365 Technician for more info and optional pricing.

Weight and Stacking – Door weights are approximately 14 kg/m2. Depth of stacking is calculated as follows: 63mm per lineal metre of closure + 83mm for each vertical locking post. A simpler method is to calculate 12% of the total width for the 300mm panel and 16% for the 200mm panel. Always consult a Security365 Technician for accurate stacking details.

The above measurements and specifications are subject to change, please consult a Security365 Technician prior to finalising radius and distance from centre tracks.