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Licensees and their staff are reminded of their rights and responsibilities regarding confiscating identity cards. Under the Liquor Act 1992 (the Act), the key consideration is age. Identity cards must be confiscated if they are falsely used to show a person is aged over 18 and trying to enter a licensed premise or obtain alcohol…. Read More

The changes to liquor licensing laws that will take effect from 3 May 2010 will benefit producers and other licensees by reducing costs and red tape, while still promoting responsibility service and consumption of alcohol at licensed premises. For more information please visit Above News Source = ASIAL website 2010

The Drugs and Crime Prevention Committee has released its report on strategies to reduce assaults in public places in Victoria. Among the 37 recommendations included: That an offence of assaulting, obstructing, hindering or delaying a hospital, or health worker or a licensed security guard or emergency worker in the execution or performance of their duties,… Read More

In the wake of the scathing ICAC Report on Corruption in the Provision of Security Industry Training, the NSW Government has announced that it will abandon the co-regulatory approach in favour of the Security Industry Registry (SIR) assuming the role of principal regulatory body. The changes include: The SIR will be renamed the Security Licensing… Read More

The Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) will be responsible for regulating Australia’s VET sector from 1 July 2011. Initial changes will see RTO’s previously managed by state and territory regulators transfer to the national regulator. This will include RTO’s providing security training. Exceptions exist for RTO’s in Victoria and Western Australia who only have approval… Read More

In August 2006 Professor Rick Sarre, from the University of South Australia’s Centre for Regulation and Market Analysis and Professor Tim Prenzler from Griffith University’s Centre of Excellence in Policing and Security, received an Australian Research Council (ARC) grant to undertake research into the private security industry and its relationship with policing generally. The work… Read More

New three-year crime strategy Date 09/12/15 | Category: Latest News

According to the Sydney Morning Herald on 31 May 2012, “police will aim to cut burglary crime by 10 per cent by the end of 2015 under the government’s new strategy to tackle property crime”. The new strategy, covering the next three years, continues the focused crack down on property crime by police, and follows… Read More

Crime Rates Fall Date 09/12/15 | Category: Latest News, Safety & Security

Ross Gittins, in his Sydney Morning Herald Article of March 7, 2012 talks about the latest figures for the falling crime rate in Australia. It is true that levels of property crime have been falling for a decade. The article says that “the figures show falls in all the main categories of recorded property crime: burglary,… Read More

A weaker economy usually leads to increased unemployment.  This normally results in people committing crimes to obtain money.  People are also more inclined to purchase cheaper stolen goods. This is something previously commented on by the Australian Homeland Security Research Centre who a few years back forecast a rise in crime and theft as the… Read More